A great story

Riva Cantù

Riva Cantù was founded by Giovanni Riva, a famous manufacturer who revolutionized the production of iron and brass beds.
80 years later, the third generation, led by his nephew Francesco Riva and surrounded by a team of local designers and producers, brought the company to what it is today:
an international interior design company that offers bespoke services and the creation of bespoke interiors.

To meet the growing international demand, a second office was recently opened in Geneva, Switzerland.

GIovanni Riva
| Riva Cantù

Francesco ed Elisabetta Riva
| Riva Cantù

The company over the years


Giovanni Riva founds Riva Cantù

Riva was founded in 1943 by Giovanni Riva and is mainly dedicated to the production of brass elements for furniture, for which a wide range of innovative products has been patented.

40s, 50s, 60s

First steps among the great ones of design

Riva participated in the first Milan Fair, - the Salone del Mobile in Milan - which contributed to the great success of the “made in Italy” design and furniture industry.

70s, 80s, 90s

The golden years of Italian design

In 1970 Giovanni's son Pier Aberle joined the company and created Riva Cantù, specializing in the production of brass, then iron and fabric beds. Collaborations with some of the most important designers of the time, such as Antonio Citterio and Oliviero Toscani, quickly helped the brand to become a leader in the Italian market.


New challenges and new frontiers

The production becomes artisanal and the tailor-made service is strengthened. Riva Cantù launches RC, which aims to support real estate development companies and property managers with functional, attractive and economical furnishing solutions. A new market segment is created: design that sells!


International openings

The 3rd generation, Francesco & Elisabetta, reinvent the company and position themselves in the luxury sector with the new “bespoke” department. In 2020, after developing two successful business models  and completing numerous projects abroad, Riva Cantù expands internationally and opens an independant company in Geneva.


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